Wireless Welding Machine Remotes

The Tru-Remote digital display wireless welding machine remote is compatible with Lincoln, Miller, Multi-Quip and Red-D-Arc welding machines, and is the perfect welder's tool for any job. Featuring start, stop, increase and decrease amperage buttons the Tru-Remote is 100% consistent with analog temperature control and solid state designed boards.

  • Easy Installation
  • 100% Accuracy up to 500 ft Range
  • Increase/Decrease Amperage
  • Start/Stop Button

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Tru-Remote Wireless Welding Remotes.

The Tru-Remote is a truly revolutionary product and should be a part of every welder’s tool kit. This wireless digital welding remote has 100% accuracy no matter where you are. The welding remote gives any welder convenient access to all of the controls of the welding machine without forcing the welder to be within arms reach of the welding machine.

Tru-Remote could save you enough money to replace your welding machine every 4 years! Tru-Remote features a wireless working range of 500 feet with 100% accuracy increasing productivity allowing temperature change for flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead welds without leaving work platform. This product is not only reliable and convenient but it will make every job site a safer place to be.

Tru-Remote is environmentally friendly as your welding machine runs only during production time, also reduces climbing and travel with equipment making for a safer more efficient working environment.

Tru-Remote ships with all parts needed for installation including transmitter, receiver, plugs and feature a 1 year parts and labour warranty.

It Pays For Itself in Just SIX Months!

Still working with that cord & dial remote?

If you are then you are burning money and we can prove it.

On average our customers have found savings upwards of $10.00 per day.

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