26 Pin Amphenol Male/Female Disconnect

(Available for all models) Female Connector mounts on the machine panel and cable pigtail hardwires to machine. Male connector is cord mounted on the Tru-Remote receiver cable. Ideal for theft prevention.

Price: $200.00

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Arc Force Control Board Module

Only available for TR8 Models on Vantage 300, 400, 500, Cross Country 300, Classic 300MP, Pipe Liner 200D

Price: $250.00

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Miller 14 Pin Amphenol cable 22”

Required for all Miller 2018 & Newer 325, 325EFI, Miller Big Blue 400 Pro, Big Blue 400 Pipe Pro for Output interface

Price: $120.00

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Miller Compressor Kit

(For Miller 302 and Big Blue Air Pak) Enables control of Compressor ON/OFF using Tru-Remote handheld transmitter.

Price: $50.00

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Miller IGN Kit

Includes Male and Female Connectors on a Tru-Remote Adaptor Harness to simplify installation of a Tru-Remote on a Miller Machine.

Price: $40.00

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Mode Harness

Allows operator to switch between 3 MODES with TR8 without leaving work station – Available for LINCOLN 305G, D – Vantage 300, 400, 500

Price: $90.00

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Range Selector Module

For use with all Lincoln Classic Series, SA200 and PIPELINERS- THIS MODULE CONNECTS TO EXISTING TR6M or NEW TR8M TRU REMOTE (Programming, connectors, wires and instructions included).

Price: $1,050.00

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Rubber Mounts (Bushings)

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Transmitter Case with Belt Clip

Black case with rotating belt clip

Price: $19.00

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Tru-Remote Copier

Portable device for re-programming of the Tru-Remote for specific welding procedures while in the field. Can be programmed for up to 6 different output parameters (DH,CC STICK, TIG, CV, GOUGE).

Price: $90.00

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Under Hood Kits

Available for Lincoln and Miller machines. Includes Aluminum bracket, Coaxial cable, isolated antenna support, antenna connectors.

Price: $58.00

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Update Kits for Existing Remotes

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